Is Your Website as Inclusive as Your Skin Clinic

No matter who your client is, one in five probably struggles to navigate your website and book a treatment. Why? Well, it comes down to accessibility.

An accessible website makes it easy for people with disabilities and sight impairment to understand what you have to offer. As a deluxe upgrade, it also boosts your SEO, search rankings, and booking rates. A good design is the first step to making your clinic’s website accessible. The second? It’s this plugin.

Our accessibility plugin pops-up on your website as a widget your clients can click-on to adjust their reading settings.

It looks like this

When clicked on, it offer the ability to adjust this:


Font Size

Colour Contrast

Colour Combination

Take Your Website Accessibility To The next level

Compatible with any platform

(Whether you’re using WordPress or Shopify)

Usable on any devices

(Phones, tablets, and laptop alike)

Customisable to any branding

(No need to compromise your website’s aesthetic)

Is your website in serious need (yes, as serious as LED therapy) of accessibility?

Get Your Accessibility Plugin Installed Today.

Digital Health Co install, update, and brand the widget to your skin clinic website.

*The accessibility plugin costs a monthly subscription of $29.

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