The Costs of a Bad Website

Aug 6, 2022 | Website Tips

Business owner reading blog ont he costs of a bad website

Let’s talk about websites shall we?! When was the last time you updated or audited yours? If the answer lies between last year and never, then you have a case of “bad website” – and it’s costing you money!

We know that, as a beauty salon and skin clinic owner, there are more important things to do than looking after your online space. Sure, a new website requires money, time, and mental energy, which you may not have at the end of the month. Plus, your walk-ins and referrals are enough to keep business running. But are they really?

Do you hold your breath every time you look at your booking numbers, or worse, your cash flow? 

Perhaps it’s been one too many months where you haven’t seen enough clients to feel at ease with your business. Yet, have you ever considered that your website might be to blame?

There are three main ways a bad website can negatively impact your beauty business, and today, we’re breaking them down. 

1.A bad website is not mobile-friendly

The mobile-friendliness of your website can have a significant impact on your business: good or bad. A mobile-friendly website is a responsive design that adjusts depending on the device used. The image, layout, and text are re-formatted to ensure that your clients can access the content easily from smaller screens, whether that’s an iPhone, Samsung or tablet.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will tend to prioritise your competitors (over you) on your clients’ screen when they search for “Skin treatment Melbourne” for example. Your business’s Google ranking can also be compromised, making you miss out on the pool of potential clients who are looking to book a treatment ASAP on their phones. 

The outcome: You don’t come up in Google search + lose potential bookings 

2.A bad website is slow

We interact with online content for about 5 seconds before moving on, and that includes your website. If it takes this long to load, you can bet potential clients will close the tab and go next door. 

A website can be slow to load for several reasons: The images are not optimised. The software and its plugins aren’t updated. There are too many critical errors and broken links.  Think of your website as a fresh balayage and your business as the hair. If you wait months for a trip to the salon; roots, brassiness, and split ends will appear. Left untreated your balayage and ultimately, your hair, will be seriously damaged. 

The outcome: A slow website will damage your business health and cash flow

3.A bad website is not relevant

Because of social media, marketing trends move very quickly, and so does your clients’ expectation when deciding where to book their facial. If your business can’t keep up, it will be left behind.

Being relevant comes down to your website copy, blog, newsletter, testimonials, and brand. What you say and how you look serves a purpose beyond filling up space. It builds trust and connection with your ideal client. In short, you won’t attract booking online by using a made-in-2008 logo, harsh colours, and copy that has zero personality. Harsh, but true.

The outcome: If you’re not relevant, you’re not credible or trustworthy

A bad website turns away clients…

The cost of a bad website equals all the potential clients you are willingly walking away from. A bad website makes it difficult for them to book your service. Nowadays, people prefer to make purchases online rather than call a business – especially when it comes to beauty treatments. 

This growing market needs to be able to load your website within seconds on their phone. They also need to have a seamless booking experience. If your website doesn’t give them that, they will walk away – and probably never come back. 

So, if you’re still not convinced, perhaps you’ll be surprised to hear that a good website can generate 1 million dollar a year for your business. That’s right! We did the maths in this blog. Click to read. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Prep for your new website

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