The Consistent Beauty of a One-Day System to Slay Your 2024 Marketing

Jan 19, 2024 | Business Management

One Day to Slay’

Running a beauty or aesthetic business often equals “organised” chaos. As the owner, your role isn’t just about keeping your salon afloat; it’s also taking on roles like a therapist, accountant, and social media guru, on top of an already overflowing beauty tray.

Let’s face it, marketing is the one thing that ends up at the bottom of your endless to-do list. It’s rushed, feels like a tedious chore, and sometimes you wonder if your Instagram posts are even reaching beyond the salon walls. We understand – your time is as precious as a bottle of retinoid, and marketing isn’t always a priority. But neglecting your marketing isn’t just a missed opportunity; it’s costing you more than you might realise including time and potential clients.

The reality is that you could turn things around in just one day, thanks to systems. Yes, this article isn’t about diving into another Instagram growth hack. No, we’re talking about a one-day system that can transform your marketing strategy into a seamless process.

The Beauty of a One-Day System in Marketing

The absence of a systematic approach to marketing often leads to challenges, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Without a system, the daunting prospect of not knowing what to post on social media becomes a recurring nightmare. Consistency slips through the cracks as your sporadic efforts fail to cultivate a thriving online presence. The reality is that without a structured system, each post feels like you occasionally slapping on moisturiser and waiting for it to heal the skin.

Trust us when we say, we understand your salon leaves little room to meticulously curate, write, and design your content. But maintaining this “we’ll see” approach in 2024 isn’t gonna cut it anymore because it will make you waste more time than ever before and let potential clients slip away. This is why, now more than ever, you need to slay your marketing in one day. By streamlining your marketing efforts into a single, efficient day, a ‘One Day to Slay’ system reclaims your time, nurtures consistency, and ensures your business doesn’t miss a beat in the beauty industry. 

The Domino Effect of Consistency and Long-Term Strategy

Consistency in marketing is like laying a series of dominos – small, deliberate actions that, when aligned over time, create a powerful cumulative impact. Consistent messaging reinforces your beauty and aesthetic salon in the minds of potential clients. Just like seeing a familiar face regularly makes it easier to recognise, repeated exposure to your marketing materials establishes recognition. 

This repetition builds familiarity and trust, making your business a reliable presence in the eyes of your audience. The reality is that trust doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a gradual process. Consistency in your marketing efforts signals reliability. By posting on your social media, adding a blog to your website every month, and sending a weekly newsletter, you provide regular, cohesive, and consistent updates to your client. It makes your business look active and dependable. Over time, this builds trust, a crucial factor for potential clients to choose your services over others.

Take the Google algorithm. Consistent content creation on your website and updates to your Google business page signal the software that your business is once again, active and pertinent. This consistency attracts the algorithm’s attention, positively influencing your website’s ranking in search results. It’s a domino effect – regular updates can lead to improved visibility and, consequently, more potential clients finding your business online.

Consistency positions your business as an authority in the beauty industry. Just as repeated exposure to a product convinces consumers of its efficacy, frequent and reliable communication through consistent marketing reinforces your expertise. This positioning helps your audience see your business as the go-to source for their beauty needs.

In short, while consistent marketing may not yield immediate results, it sets the stage for long-term success. Just as tending to skin issues requires consistency to heal, nurturing a consistent client base through marketing efforts ensures sustained revenue. Understanding the domino effect of consistency in marketing is not just about short-term gains; it’s a strategic investment for long-term business prosperity. And guess what, you can create this cumulative effect in one day, with the right system.

The One System You Need: One Day to Slay

‘One Day to Slay’ is a system enabling beauty and aesthetic business owners like you to plan their marketing strategy for the next three months in just a single day. Yes. 3 months of content made in a single day. And the best part? You don’t have to waste hours finding the right idea or writing to make marketing generation seamless.

The ‘One Day to Slay’ system makes this possible by providing a structured process. The key is starting with the bigger picture – mapping out what you want the next quarter to look like. This system simplifies the process further by breaking down your overarching theme into practical content ideas. It ensures that your content aligns with your business goals and resonates with your audience. Additionally, the strategy encourages efficiency by showing you how to repurpose one core idea into multiple content forms. With ‘One Day to Slay,’ you’re not just streamlining your marketing; you’re setting the stage for consistent, effective, and time-saving beauty business promotion.

Step 1: Define Your Quarter’s Big Goal

Shifting your mindset from monthly to quarterly planning in marketing is not just a shift in perspective; it’s a strategic move that brings clarity and purpose to your salon. When you operate on a quarterly basis, thinking in three-month blocks, you gain a broader view of your marketing landscape. This extended time frame allows you to craft a cohesive messaging and promote your offers more effectively.

First, start by considering the upcoming holidays and events in the next quarter. Holidays are golden opportunities to narrow your promotions and offers according to your client’s needs. For example, you might find husbands actively looking to treat their wives over Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and your marketing during that quarter should include promotional messages targeting the men. In short, mapping out your marketing activities around these occasions ensures that your strategies align with the seasons, capturing the attention and interest of your clientele at the right time.

In essence, the shift to quarterly planning allows you to navigate the beauty marketing landscape with precision and purpose. By outlining holidays, promotions, your ideal buyer, and your business goal, you create ‘themes’ and a quarterly map that will cohesively drive your marketing forward with ease.

Step 2: Create a Short List of Ideas and Break Them Down

The next step in your ‘One Day to Slay’ system implementation is to use your quarterly map and the theme you have set to narrow down a list of content ideas. If your theme is Valentine’s Day, for example, your list of content ideas could include a couple’s facial treatment promotion, the benefits of facials for stressed wives, or X treatments to pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day. 

Overall, having a theme will help you narrow down your offer and promote it more effectively. Once you have your theme, brainstorm a shortlist of five to 10 ideas related to it. Break down each idea, considering how it relates to the theme and why it’s relevant for your client.

Now, create SMART goals for each idea. Instead of a generic goal like ‘increase sales,’ make it specific, like ‘increase couples’s facial package sales by 20% in the next two months.’ Ensure your goals are measurable, achievable, relevant to your theme, and have a clear timeframe for implementation. This methodical approach not only streamlines your marketing but also sets tangible targets. It keeps your efforts focused, ensuring that each idea contributes meaningfully to your marketing and business. 

Step 3: Repurpose One Idea Into Multiple Pieces of Content

Now that you have your quarterly marketing mapped out in more depth, it’s time to make things a little more strategic. Social platforms like Instagram would have you believe that you should create fresh new content every single time to stay relevant. But this approach is not only unsustainable, it is downright impossible for busy salon owners like you. But you know what is sustainable and beneficial for your business? Breaking one idea into multiple pieces of content. 

This approach not only ensures consistency but also reinforces your messaging. The thing is, it’s time to recognise that your clients will have diverse preferences in how they access and consume marketing information. So, while it’s important to have a blog, a social media account, and a newsletter, it’s also essential to repurpose your content instead of creating something unique for each. 

Let’s say one of your ideas is to share how to manage and treat rosacea. You can craft a long-form, in-depth blog about it with multiple subsections for your website, then break down everything you’ve already written into bite-sized pieces for social media. Then, take it a step further by using the same content and summarising key points for your newsletter. 

This approach not only saves time but also ensures that your messaging remains consistent across different platforms. Sure, it may feel like you’re repeating yourself, but it’s essential to understand that people consume information in various ways. Some prefer in-depth reads, while others lean towards quick, visual content on social media. By repurposing one idea into multiple formats, you cater to these diverse preferences, make the most of your creative effort, and increase the chances of your message resonating with a broader audience.

The ‘One Day to Slay’ System: Access Our Free Video Series

It’s time to rely on systems to slay your marketing in 2024. By creating cohesiveness and consistency, systems like ‘One Day to Slay’ will ensure you no longer lose time, waste energy, and trigger a breakout over marketing. Start with the three steps we shared and when you’re ready to slay your marketing for the quarter, sign up for our free video series to unlock the full potential of this system.

In the ‘One Day to Slay’ video series, you’ll not only understand the nuts and bolts of the system but also uncover additional benefits that can elevate and streamline your marketing game even more. We’ll guide you through practical steps, demonstrating how to implement the system seamlessly in your beauty business.

What’s in it for you? First and foremost, a more efficient and cohesive marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to plan your promotions strategically, create content that resonates with your audience, and maximise the impact of your marketing efforts with the power of exactly how to repurpose your content across all your media platforms. The video series is designed to provide actionable insights that you can implement immediately, yielding tangible results for your beauty business. Click the link below to sign up for the “One Day to Slay” free masterclass.

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