Tech Training

Empower yourself and your beauty business with Tech

Technology doesn’t have to be hard, we promise.

However, it is essential to have a well-rounded understanding of it, so you can use it to the fullest and take your beauty business to the next level.

Oh, we hear you say “technology and I don’t mix” or “it’s too late for me to learn technology”. But don’t worry, because a little training can empower you in a matter of time. You will surprise yourself!

Tech training can help you:

Connect with

potential clients

Showcase your


Grow your

business revenue

Meet Marnina

Marnina is the Founder, CEO, and creative director of Digital Health Co, and your tech mentor. With an extensive background in health and dermal science, she blends her industry expertise and passion for tech to guide business salon owners like you elevate their business with tech.

Interested in Tech Training?

Great! we got just what you need.

Private Tech Training

A one-on-one zoom session with DHC’s founder and creative director Marnina. Personalised to your tech needs, Marina will help you navigate the ins and outs of your tech trouble until you’re confident to run your business online on your own. Book one or more sessions as you need.

Price: $149 per hour

Need extra tech support?

Listen to our podcast, a free limited audio series that will introduce you to everything design, websites, and tech.