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Designed for small, business owners in the health, wellness and beauty industry who desperately need a new website but don’t know where to start!

This free masterclass will help you move from hopelessly overwhelmed to feeling confident and ready to shine online.

If you’re in the market for a new website you don’t want to miss this.

“I have been working with Marni from Digital Health Co for a year now. Marni is incredible with her expertise and knowledge of website development. Marni knows how to drive traffic to your website, increase business. I am so grateful that I have had Marni create an amazing website that works.”

Gay Wardle

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    Who is this masterclass for?


    You’re a small business owner or manager in the health, wellness or beauty industry.


    You are wanting a website refresh (have you recently rebranded?) or a brand spanking new website for your business.


    You don’t have heaps of spare time to go back and forth with a web developer / you need your new website fast – like express LED facial fast.

    Do you love bonuses?

    There will be a few minutes during the masterclass that I will be giving you a little show and tell about how we can help you get your new website live and ready to share with the world quick stat.

    I need to preface this by saying that by no means is this like other masterclasses that are just a sprinkle of value with heaps of hard selling – that is not our vibe!

    I’m telling you about this before you come along, because we are a super niche business that know the industry inside out, as a therapist (hola dermal clinicians) and business owner. Our web solutions are a match made in head massage during a facial heaven for business’ like yours.

    In this show and tell I also share some bonuses that are exclusive to those that join the masterclass – we don’t share these bonuses ANYWHERE else….. and they’re valued at over $249! So on top of all the value that’s shared in the 2 hour masterclass you will also have the opportunity to get access to products and services that not just anybody can.

    What is this



    It’s a 2-hour long deep dive masterclass where I show you the exact steps and items you need BEFORE you start a glossy new website.

    We’ll be covering:

    → Why a website is like hiring a full time marketing manager, salesperson and customer service assistant.

    → The biggest and best tips to plan for your new website from a highly experienced team (that’s us!).

    → How to hire a graphic a designer, work with a photographer and get drool-worthy copy written for your website.

    → Checklists so you can take action AND track your progress.

    → And how you can organise your business files so you never lose an important branding element again.

    How can I watch the masterclass?

    You can watch the free 2 hour masterclass right now! It won’t be available forever though so signup to watch it. Let’s get that beautiful business of yours to shine online.

      Quick note – By adding your details above and registering for our free masterclass, you’ll be added to the email list! You’ll also get insta worthy sharable tips and other great things I post. You can opt out at any time.

      Have a question?

      We’re here for it!

      If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, send us an email

      Is the masterclass live?

      Due to being a stay at home working mum with a very active 11 month old the masterclass is pre-recorded. This ensures optimum quality and flow. The benefit to you is that you can watch it anytime on any device. Plus you can pause, rewind and rewatch whenever you wish.

      What if I have a question?

      To make sure that the masterclass is as high-touch as possible we provide you with a special contact option on the webpage. Our DMs and emails are always open for any questions you may have too!

      Do I have to purchase anything?

      Nada! The masterclass is completely free.

      We will be sharing some juicy bonuses in a short show and tell but there’s no obligation for you to buy anything. 

      How do you offer this high-value masterclass for free?

      The actual doing part of the preparation for a new website is not a service we can do for business owners, as the content and information is truly unique to each business. However, guiding business owners on all the things they need for a truly beautiful, functional and highly converting website is not just a win for business owners, it’s a win for us too – if they choose to work with us it makes the whole process silky smooth.

      Making everyones lives a little bit easier, we’re so here for it.