Our Best Tips for a Highly-Converting Landing Page

Jun 9, 2022 | Website Tips

While it may seem that your dream client stumbles onto your website, they most likely do so for a reason. Whether that is to learn more about your services or book a treatment, they are on the hunt for something that will enhance their wellbeing. A home or landing page becomes their first (and sometimes only) impression of you. So how can you make it a highly converting one?

The purpose of a landing or home page is to quickly wow your clientele – like a fresh blowout – with what you have to offer. This page should be thoughtfully structured in a way that not only resonates and communicates with your visitors, but also guides them seamlessly towards taking action – aka book a treatment.

So how can you do that? Well, keep reading as we share our best tips for a highly-converting landing page. 

The psychology behind a landing page

There is so much more to a landing page than simply putting some text, imagery and a call to action in a pretty way. Each element should be carefully thought out to meet the needs of your visitor. Your landing page isn’t about you or making a sale. It is about identifying, acknowledging and addressing your visitor’s problem. 

Meet Jemma. Jemma needs to get her balayage refreshed and is looking to try a new salon in Melbourne. In the past years, she has been unhappy with the price, the bad yellow tones, and the sometimes-gaslighting comments she received from hairdressers on the health of her hair. Here, we can quickly identify Jemma’s headspace and deeply understand how to communicate with her. 

The psychology behind a landing page means that instead of saying “We do this at this price and you can book here”, we say “we understand your struggles and this is how we do things differently”. 

The structure of a landing page

A landing page’s structure relates to how the information is selected and organised in a way that keeps your visitor at the forefront of your mind. So, how would we structure a landing page for a hair salon that would appeal to Jemma?

In this particular case, Jemma needs to be reassured of a salon’s ability to do a beautiful balayage that is reasonably priced. She needs to know about the salon’s location and availability, as well as its professional approach and kind personality. With these in mind, the salon should include:

  • An introductory (hero) section with a tagline and short description. In this example, this would be highlighting the location and expertise in balayage.
  • A service highlight of 2 to 3 treatments. This could be a different balayage technique that reinforces the ability to provide a glossy and yellow-free finish.  
  • An about section to create that human connection. A great place to mention to Jemma how the salon understands her struggle and what they do to be different.
  • A Testimonial section with both quotes and before/after photos of past clients. This will reinforce in Jemma’s mind that the salon is the right place for her.
  • A call to action section directing to the booking process.
  • A footer section highlighting business hours, location and contact details.

This particular structure is highly-converting for Jemma. It answers her questions, addresses her concerns, and reassures her that she will be well-taken care of. So how can you do the same on your website?

Our best tips 

  • Identify your ideal client’s frustrations: Both with their skin/hair problems and with your competition.
  • Communicate the most important and different aspects of your business right away. This includes your location and unique offering.
  • Think about the potential questions a visitor might have the moment they arrive on your landing page. 
  • Think about your page flow. It should begin by providing information (resonating), then addressing concerns (convincing) and finally ending with a request for action (connecting). 
  • Curate your calls to action. After reading your landing page, visitors should want to either book a treatment or learn more about it (and be redirected to your treatment page). Both should be included on your page.


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