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SEO stands for search engine optimisation

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Simply put, it is a set of settings and text added strategically to your website. It helps your beauty business become visible on Google (and other search engines) so that the right clients can find you when they search “hair salon near me” or “LED light therapy Melbourne”.

The essential basics of SEO that needs to be on your websites are:

  • Title and meta description for every page
  • ALT text on every image
  • A set of keywords that include service types + location sprinkled onto each page
  • Internal links in the form of a call to action
  • External links – through social links or blog resources.

When starting with SEO, keep in mind that your website is first and foremost for your clientele. Good SEO should work for both the algorithm and the human behind the screen. When choosing keywords and writing descriptions, it is good to think about what words your clientele would use on Google to find you.

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