How to Structure Your Service/Treatment Page on Your Website

Jul 22, 2022 | Website Tips

Business woman on laptop learning how to structure her service page

Your Service Page is the most prominent booking-converter on your website. It is also one that is filled by poor design and a quick pamphlet-style bullet points of beauty treatments. Does that sound a little too familiar? 

Just like the thoughtfulness you pour into your clients IRL, your service page should convey a lot more than just “this is our treatment list and our prices”. After all, what stops your clients from getting their facials in another spa? Sure, you might offer competitive prices, but most people are often happy to pay more for a better experience or results. 

Through a service page, you have the chance to tease client experience and showcase potential results. This page gives you the power to relate to your client’s struggle, foster a human connection online, and turn each visitor into a booking. 

This is our mindful way to structure a service page and ensure it attracts potential clients. 

1.  A creative hero section and tagline

This is a friendly reminder to NOT write “service” as your tagline at the top of your page. The hero section is the first thing the client will see. As such, you have to convince them within seconds that they are in the right place to solve their problem. In one sentence, how can you name your services, what makes them unique, and how they can benefit your clients?

I.e: “Safe and non-invasive tanning services on the Gold coast for every skin. Whether you prefer spray or bed tanning, we know how to give your skin a sunkissed glow all year long.”

2. Qualify your clients and highlight their pain points 

Whether you choose to add a section to your page, or simply a short paragraph under your tagline, it is important to qualify your clients by highlighting their pain points. People work hard to earn their money, and if you want to convince them you’re a worthwhile investment, they need to feel seen. Is your client feeling uncomfortable in their skin because of their rosacea? Write it down! Do you have a treatment that helps treat it? Tell them. Better yet, include a photo of your soothing treatment room to tease the experience that awaits them. 

3. Treatment list? Give clients the information they need

Put yourself in your client’s perfectly-manicured toes. If you were thinking about booking a facial, what would you like to know? This page section should include the treatment name, price, duration, inclusion, treatment variation, and expected results. Depending on what you offer, you can have a service page for each treatment (facials, LED therapy etc), or categorise it all on one page.

I.e: “Our series of rejuvenating facials are a non-invasive treatment that includes LED, glycolic acid-peel and cleansing among other steps, to soothe inflammation and even-out complexion. Perfect for those with pre-existing conditions and sensitive skin”.

5-step facial – 60min – 120$

7-step facial – 90min – 150$

4. Tease service experience with thoughtful photographies 

We’ve said it many times – photographs are a visual representation of what you offer. With high-quality images, you can entice your clients and build excitement. Having a photo of your treatment room helps clients picture themselves getting pampered. Sharing some before-after creates credibility and assures them they can get results

5. Don’t forget to have a call to action

This one might be obvious, but we often see businesses including a CTA button on-repeat after each service. Our advice? If you structure your treatments all on one page, simply add your CTA button at the top and bottom of your page – aka after your tagline and the last treatment. With your CTA button, the goal is to get bookings. So how can you make the click as enticing and simple as possible? If you’re a hair salon, you could change “book now” to “get a good hair day”. The more you can relate to what your clients deeply want, the better.

6. Don’t name your page “services” 

A little bonus tip! The word service is overused, and if you ask us – a little boring. Your ideal client will be more excited to click on a button that says “treatment” or “facials” than a plain “services”. Brainstorm a few ways to creatively and clearly name your website pages. For the beauty and wellness industry, here are some of our favourites – feel free to steal 🙂

Treatments / Get treated

Pampering / Pamper

Skin solutions

Specific service name (i.e: Facials, haircuts, massages)

When creating a service page, keep your ideal client’s pain point, needs, and wants in mind. And if YOU need help, get in touch with us.

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