How to Select Enticing Images for Your Beauty and Wellness Website

Jan 28, 2022 | Website Tips

Beautiful imagery and vibrant photography express an experience. Think about it.  

Have you ever been sold on a facial just after seeing a dewy before-after photo? or perhaps you’ve been enticed to get a skin treatment at a particular salon because of the delicate and minimalist vibe it offers?  

Putting vivid, high-quality imagery on your website provides your client with the ultimate pampering “sneak peek”. Without words, it helps them visualise the rejuvenating experience you offer. But you probably know that already. After all, you just hired a professional photographer to capture the essence of your salon and recently received a rich digital folder of high quality, glossy photographs. 

The question is, what do you do with them? Or more precisely, how do you decide which one to post on your website?

There is a subtle difference between choosing photographs simply to fill blank spaces on your website vs consciously curating them to create an experience for your clients before they even walk through your doors. 

Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about selecting photographs for your online space. Here’s a few tips on how to select enticing images for your beauty and wellness website.

Team and Storefront Photographs

Portrait photographs of your team, group landscapes and high-quality shots of your storefront go into two to three different pages. First, your about page. The about page is all about creating a human connection with your potential client. There, you touch on your business story, so it’s a good idea to show images of yourself and your team. Talking about your current store location? Add a photograph there too. In fact, a storefront image is great on your contact page as well, along with your contact details. You can also add a group photo on your homepage, but that will depend on what information you include in your copy. 

  • Team portrait on about page
  • Group landscape on about page
  • Group landscape on the homepage (optional)
  • Storefront photograph on about page
  • Storefront photograph on contact page

Treatments and Products Photographs

Those are the photographs you want to use the most. Seeing treatments in action is the best way to engage your ideal clients emotionally. Your treatment photographs are the experience of your salon. You want to use some of those images first, on your homepage – when you highlight the top treatments and call to action – then, on each of your service pages. It can be a close-up of your product tray for a signature facial, or a therapist doing a laser treatment. When choosing photographs, think about how you can visually describe an in-salon experience.

  • Treatment photographs on homepage
  • Treatment/products photographs on each service page
  • Treatment room photographs on service page

Before/After transformation photographs

While you may not have professional photographs of your before and after transformations, using photos you’ve recorded with your phone is more than fine. Showing transformations and the results a potential client can achieve with your services is a great way to build trust and credibility. You should use these transformation images on a testimonial or case study page. You can also add them on a service page when appropriate.

  • Transformation photos on testimonial page
  • Transformation photos on treatment page (optional)

Stock Images

There is nothing wrong with using some stock images on your website. In fact, we recommend it. Stock images such as dewy cream background, skin close-up or leafy landscape enhance the vibe and experience you offer. Running a beachy salon? Mix your imagery with sandy closeup and tanned skin. Stock images make great background layers all over your website – whether that’s your homepage hero banner or call to action.

All in all, selecting imagery for your website should be intuitive. Images are the visual representation of what you’re communicating throughout your website. Use the page’s context and actual copy as your north star and we promise you, your salon’s online presence will truly be elevated.

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