How to Grow a Revenue-Generating Email List for Your Beauty Salon

Jul 14, 2022 | Business Management

2 women at spa chatting over tea about the salon newsletter

Does your beauty salon or skin clinic currently have an email list? Perhaps you do have one, but it’s been inactive? Blame the lack of inspiration, conversions, or time, but if you’re reading this, chances are your email list isn’t working for your business as well as it should be.

Email marketing is one of the oldest – and most effective – digital systems to connect and nurture clients. But just like any other social platform, it continuously evolves, and it can be hard to not feel defeated by a poor opening, engagement, and click-through rate. 

We get it. Knowing how to attract, retain, and convert your client through an email is like a Scandinavian-balayage – hard to achieve. 

And let’s be honest, your current newsletter probably ends up in your client’s spam and unsubscribe list anyway. 

Yet, convincing someone to give you their email, look forward to your newsletter, and get excited about their treatment is easier than you think! 

The key? Approach each email mindfully, focusing on quality instead of conversion. The best way to grow an email list that generates revenue for your beauty salon is to make each email insanely valuable, ensure they’re accessible to your clients and limit their quantity. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Increase numbers of sign-up

Add a pop-up to your homepage

You’ve probably come across pop-up prompts when shopping online. You know that square window showing up with a discount? Well, it isn’t just effective for fashion labels and you can use it for your own business. Sure, clients have the option to close the window, but they also have the opportunity to get something valuable for free which ultimately, entices a sign-up.

Have an opt-in form on your website footer 

Giving your clients many chances to opt-in your email list is the key to growing your subscriber counts. Some people might not be ready to sign up with a pop-up window, as they are eager to learn more about you by browsing the site. 

Having a second opportunity to grab your offer when they made it to the bottom – aka your website footer – offers another call to action that caters to those who are not yet ready to buy from you. You can include a name and email field, along with a one-liner teasing such as “For skin tips, dry brushing DIY and more, sign up for our weekly newsletter”.

Collect emails in-store

There are a few ways to gather client emails in-store. A popular option is to offer to sign them up for a direct discount on the treatment completed at checkout. We don’t recommend having a simple sign-up sheet (as this is a bit outdated), but a QR code on your counter is another way to give a special offer. You could also have an Ipad handy with a skin questionnaire that delivers results by email. Get creative, as there are plenty of opportunities to grow your email list – even in-store. 

Include a sign-up option at checkout

But first, remember to NOT automatically sign-up clients who book your services on your newsletter. They are providing their emails to receive limited information about their upcoming treatment – like confirmation or receipt. They have not agreed to be spammed by your newsletter. Instead, have a “ticked-box” during the checkout process that offers the option to sign up. To increase “ticks”, make sure your copy is enticing. 

Offer something too irresistible to refuse

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have to be a discount. Sure, you can always give a first-time % OFF on treatments or in-store products, but adding more value to their experience can also be done with: 

  • A free skin consultation with their first booking
  • Free product samples or a glass of complimentary champagne with their first salon visit
  • A downloadable guide (think DIY dry brushing, facial massage, etc)
  • A quiz to find out about their skin/hair type and the best treatments

Think about what makes your services unique, and tap into it to create a small (but powerful) freebie that will excite people to sign up.

Have a sign-up button on your socials

Social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook are great to attract new clients. However, you don’t own your follower count. In fact, if that platform closes tomorrow, you would probably lose a handful of leads. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to thoughtfully* drive your clients off social media and into your email list. 

To do so, you can promote your newsletter before* it goes out with a quick message such as: “In tomorrow’s newsletter, we give you a step-by-step on how to dry brush your face. Sign up here to receive it”

You can also create a social landing page specifically for your Instagram link – with redirection buttons to the newsletter – or try running a giveaway that requires signing up.


Nurture subscribers and increase revenue

Segment your newsletter

Ideally, you’d want your clients to look forward to your emails right? Well, to do so, it is important to understand that excitement builds up from expectation. Your clients need to know what they can expect every week or month – if they allow you into their inbox.

The best way to create expectations is to segment your newsletter into 2-3 parts. Make it specific, and think about what pain points your clients want to solve. If you were them, what type of information would you love to receive? Here are some segment examples:

  • A DIY technique clients can do at home
  • A news section on your latest therapist, research, treatment, offer etc + how this benefits your client
  • A customer before-after case study
  • A webinar series or videos with after-care tips 

Don’t be afraid to also repurpose some of your social media strategy into your newsletter. After all, not all of your clients are on Instagram.

Stick to a limited schedule

Sending emails more than once a week to a client is the easiest way to end up in their spam. So no matter where your beauty salon is at with its email list, we recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity. A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that is thoughtfully written and segmented will have a better ROI than a rushed weekly email. 

Along with that, make sure your newsletter is sent out at a time people are more likely to take action and read it. Often, it is during their morning or after commute, between Tuesday and Thursday. So pick your time/day accordingly. When does your client have the time to be frustrated about their skin? And when are they most likely to be reading their emails?

Include a curated Call-To-Action

To drive revenue, you must redirect your clients to your treatments and products. Within each email, it is essential to include one specific call-to-action. Make it relevant to the topics you’ve covered, and include a prompt that invites them to “read a blog” or “book a facial”. The key is to guide clients onto your website, blog, or booking system, and make it simple for them to click and reserve.

Having an email list can be a powerful marketing tool for your beauty and wellness business. But as you’ve seen, it needs to be strategically and thoughtfully planned. Remember, put yourself into your client’s seat. Think about their needs for information before your needs for revenue because ultimately, one will support the other. 

Are you ready to re-activate your email list and generate more revenue for your business? If you need extra assistance with email marketing, we can help.

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