Need a little prep before getting
your website refreshed?

Great! We created a bunch of complimentary guides to help you gather
all the beauty tools your website will need to shine online.

Struggling to find the right words to convey the uniqueness of your beauty salon and services online?

Your website copy helps your dream client learn and desire your service to the point of booking. It helps you nurture them online, up until they walk through your door. But where do you even begin with copywriting for your website?

We created a free guide to help beauty and wellness businesses like yours DIY their website copy. It includes:

  • Creative brainstorm for you to shape your tone of voice
  • Question prompt to help you write each web pages
  • Writing guidelines for your website
  • + Everything you need to hand over to your web designer

Give your website and copy a fresh updo with our free guide for copywriting

Have you ever been sold on a facial just after seeing a dewy before-after photo?

Photography is like visual storytelling. It gives us a “sneak peek” of the pampering we can expect from a salon.

High-quality photography generates credibility, demonstrates professionalism and can give your website a whole different (and trustworthy) feel. But what do you need to know about photography, and how can you work with a photographer, to get the results that your business needs? In our free guide, you get:

  • Tips on finding a photographer
  • A foolproof checklist to prep your shoot day
  • + How to intentionally use your images on your website

Give your website a well-deserved facial with our free guide for photography

Are you pulling your hair trying to make your salon’s brand different from the one next door?

Branding is the first impression clients get of your business. Even online. With graphic design, you can infuse your beauty business personality, style, and uniqueness that will make you stand out online.

But what does a graphic designer do? How can they help your website stand out? And what do you need to know before hiring one? In this guide, we help you work with a graphic designer.

  • Creative brainstorm for you to shape your brand
  • In depth guide to finding the perfect graphic designer
  • The ultimate file design checklist
  • + Design guidelines for your website

Give your website and a glow treatment with our free guide for graphic design

Have you decided to treat your website to a well-deserved facial but don’t know where to start?

getting your online presence refreshed can feel daunting. Putting together a unique look, enticing words, and nurturing visuals shouldn’t have to be overwhelming…

And while you still might be thinking “gosh, I don’t have any of that”, we created this free guide to help you gather it all up and seamlessly prep for your new website.

  • Guide to prepping your look, visuals, and copy
  • A comprehensive file design checklist
  • A foolproof checklist to prep your photography
  • + writing guidelines and checklist for your web pages


Give your website a fresh contouring with our free checklist for your website