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A fast, beautiful, and functional solution delivered as quickly as an express facial.

Launch your beauty salon and attract the right clients ASAP.

We know how it feels to hold your breath everytime you look at your booking numbers. Perhaps it’s been one too many months where you haven’t seen enough clients to feel at ease with your business. Well, we’re here to make sure you can finally breathe out.

Imagine opening up your beauty salon in the morning, and seeing a schedule that is fully booked day after day?

With our express website, we make your salon’s goals a dream come true.
If you need a website as quickly as an express facial, have a limited budget, or simply want something small but beautiful and functional, then this is for you.

The details…

  • A mobile-optimised Website on WordPress

  • 6 essential pages that are designed to highly-convert

  • Your preferred scheduling system integrated for a seamless booking experience

  • Support for your launch to get the best results

  • Automatic subscription to standard care plan* so you don’t worry about updates

The details…

  • Highly customisable to your colours, branding and photography

  • Intentional copy prompt provided (in case you don’t have your own)

  • Limited beautiful templates to choose from

How to get a beautiful & functional website in 48 hours

Order your website

In just a few clicks, you can order a website and get access to a private dashboard where all your deets will be stored.

Pick a template

Choose from our selection of templates. Don’t worry, all templates are used a limited number of times, so that no one beauty website looks the same.

Upload your content

Your branding guidelines, copy and photography will be required before we start. You’ll have access to copy prompts and image guidance if needed.

Wait 48H and review

Submitted everything needed? Awesome! Within just a few days, we give you access to your new site for review + help you launch.

What your website can look like…

Here is a sneak peek of some of our highly customisable website templates. Remember colours, photography and fonts can transform them into a website that fully embodies your business.


Timeless, modern, minimalist.


Sleek, fluid, feminine.


Elegant, chic, and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m automatically signed up for a care plan. What is that?
A care plan is like a monthly facial for your website. When purchasing an Express-website, you are automatically signed up on our standard care plan. It is a subscription of $99 per month – with a 30 day grace period. It includes costs related to your hosting and SSL certificates, as well as web maintenance, weekly backups, plugin updates, quarterly analytic report + strategy session. Learn more about your care plan here.
What are the prerequisites for an express website?

After ordering your website, you will be asked to fill out a form with all the information we need. Additionally, you will be required to provide some branding guidelines, photography or stock image and logo files. Website copy is optional, however, if you don’t have any, you will have to fill out our copy prompt.

What pages are included in an express website?

6 pages are included in your website aka the most important ones such as Home/landing page, about, treatments/services, contact, and your terms, conditions & policies. Your treatment/service fits onto 1 page only, just like you would on a menu or brochure. Each page is thoughtfully designed to be functional, beautiful, and intuitive – ensuring a high booking conversion for your business.

What does "limited template" mean?
Simply that we use our templates a limited number of times to ensure your website doesn’t look like everyone else. When booking your express website, you will have access to 3 templates. These templates will be only usable by us 10 times, before being changed.
Will my new website require maintenance?

Just like your clients, your website needs regular maintenance to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Once your 48 hour website is launched, you’re automatically signed up for our standard care plan. We look after any updates, provide you with a regular breakdown of your traffic and analytics, and upload any new products, blogs, or services you need. You can learn more about our care plan here.

Why should I work with you?

Spending eight years in the spa, aesthetic and dermal industry laid the foundations for a niche service offering that is now Digital Health Co. We blend our beauty background and tech expertise to bring you curated, effective, and growth-centric digital solutions. We understand all-too-well your treatments and services, your clients’ needs, and your business goals. Helping you grow your in-salon client base is what we do best.

Launch your beauty salon and attract the right clients ASAP.

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