Email Marketing

Start a newsletter and automate your communication with ease.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market your beauty business.

Emails offer an intimate line of communication between you and your client.

Whether you want to let them know about their upcoming appointments or assist them at home with a tutorial, having a newsletter and automated email sequence can nurture your clientele before and after their in-salon treatments.

But we understand that learning to use MailChimp or other email marketing softwares takes time that you – as a business owner – don’t have.

With our email marketing services, we help you change that.


Outsource your newsletter installation to us. Using your chosen platform, we connect your newsletter to your website, upload your favourite templates, and organise your software so that you can start writing content seamlessly


A series of clean and beautiful templates that provide value for your clients and lead nurturing for your business. Templates can include: sale promotions, tutorials, tips, events and more.

Email Sequence

Personalised email sequence is essential to send through booking confirmations, appointment reminders, birthday vouchers, and shipping details, among other things. We help nurture your online clientele with a series 8 to 10 of email sequences.

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