Boosting Your Beauty Salon & Skin Clinic with Local SEO

Dec 21, 2023 | Website Tips

Beauty Salon & Skin Clinic

Is it time for you to embrace your salon’s digital era? If you’ve been on the fence until now, we get it. In the fast-paced digital world, terms like “meta descriptions,” “title tags,” and “SEO” can sound like a foreign language. You’re all about delivering boutique beauty services, not becoming an overnight tech fairy. After all, who has the time or the inclination to dive into the intricacies of tech when there are clients to pamper and beauty to unleash?

Sure, it is important to focus on your brick-and-mortar oasis but you’re missing out on a goldmine of customers and cash if you don’t embrace your business’s digital era. Think about it—these could be the very clients who keep coming back for more, and that extra revenue could open doors to growth, new staff, or even that well-deserved holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Have you already invested in a glossy website? Great, now it’s time to focus on your SEO. You wouldn’t send a client home without that post-facial moisturiser, right? Well, you can’t make your website live without SEO – aka search engine optimization keywords. It’s just bad practice. 

Not looking to spend hours figuring out your business SEO? That’s what we’re here for. In this guide, we’re about to spill the tea on why local SEO is your beauty business’s new BFF and how to dive into it easily. We’ll help you uncover the perfect keywords, show you where to sprinkle them on your website, and, most importantly, how all these tech things will drive consistent foot traffic, attract loyal customers, and help your business grow steadily. 

What You Need To Know About Local SEO

SEO is like a rose water mist that keeps on making your digital presence feel good. You set it up once onto your website, and it continually ushers customers right to your door, for free! So before you get lost in the maze of other marketing techniques like ads or an intimidating social calendar, focus on SEO. And we’re not talking about any old SEO; it’s all about going local, targeting the very people in your area.

Think of Local SEO as the GPS for your online presence. It’s the tool that ensures your beauty salon or skin clinic pops up on the screens of potential clients nearby. When someone in your area searches for “beauty services near me” or something similar, your business pops up, making it the go-to choice for customers. 

So what’s the difference between traditional SEO and local SEO you ask? Well, traditional SEO refers to generic keywords like “Beauty Salon”, or long tail keywords that people may type into search engines like “the best salon treatment for treating acne”. The shorter keywords are often overly saturated while longer keywords don’t consider that you are a bricks and mortar business seeking local clients. In short, using these types of keywords won’t do any good to your website. In contrast, local SEO is all about using specific, location-based keywords that set your business apart in local searches. With local SEO, the keyword “Beauty Salon” becomes “West Melbourne Beauty Salon”.

The Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business

While most businesses new to SEO will focus on traditional practice, there are many more benefits for your beauty salon or skin clinic in putting your energy into local SEO instead. 

First, local SEO helps increase your foot traffic. It ensures your brick-and-mortar is easily discoverable in Google search results and drives beauty enthusiasts straight to your doorsteps. Local SEO also helps increase business awareness. As your name starts to pop up on their socials and Google, local SEO helps build trust and credibility among your community. You become the go-to beauty expert, the first name that pops into their minds when they think of treating their skin and themselves. Finally, local SEO not only gets potential clients onto your website, but also makes your latest offering and packages visible to customers ready to buy. 

Overall, the beauty of local SEO lies in its ability to bring more clients through your door, boost online sales, amplify your business’s presence, and establish your credibility. It’s your ticket to becoming the beloved beauty authority in your community. 

How to Appear on Local Search Results in 3 Steps

Step 1: Google Business Page

If you haven’t already, get yourself a Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profilewill ensure your beauty salon or skin clinic shows up on searches and maps when a customer researches “beauty salon near me.” Setting up your page is pretty straightforward and will require you to add your contact details, business hours, and a handful of glossy photos of your space. The page will also include space for a short business description and we recommend adding 2-3 local SEO keywords in there to boost your business’s visibility.

Step 2: NAP Consistency

Your nap – Name, address, phone number – must be consistent across your website, Google Business Profile, and social media. Search engines love consistency and by repeating your NAP information on multiple platforms, you ensure your business is seen as credible and trustworthy by both Google and potential customers.

Step 3: Website SEO

Your website is where local SEO keywords are in the spotlight, making sure your beauty business shines online. Once you’ve handpicked a set of local SEO keywords (and we’ll revisit that shortly), you must weave them throughout your website. This includes your page settings –  the backend stuff customers don’t typically notice – and the website’s copy itself. This double-pronged approach not only reinforces your Google presence but ensures your website shows up prominently in local search results.

A Simple Guide to Local SEO Keyword Research

As you now understand, local SEO can make a huge difference for your beauty salon or skin clinic. And while most resources out there will make you think that SEO is complex and intimidating, there are simple techniques and tools to conduct a local SEO research even if you’re not an expert. 

1. Brainstorm Keywords Using Your Business and Customers

Before diving into local SEO research, you first need to get clear on what you want to be known for and who you want to attract. From there, you can start listing keywords that will help you in your search. Consider the specific treatments you offer, such as “facials,” “hair colouring,” “microdermabrasion,” or “lash extensions.” Think about the beauty trends and treatments that are popular in your area. For instance, if “eyebrow threading” is a sought-after service, make sure to include it in your list. Lastly, if you cater for a specific demographic such as “busy mums”, add it to your list too.

2. Make Your Keywords Local

Since local SEO is all about connecting with clients in your vicinity, it’s crucial to include location-based keywords. Think about the city or neighbourhood where your beauty business is located. If your salon is in Melbourne, for example, you might use keywords like “beauty salon in West Melbourne” or “Facial treatments near St Kilda”. The key is to be as specific and diverse as possible. This means including short-tail keywords (one or two words) and long-tail keywords (phrases containing three or more words), as well as switching around the words you use to define your business. 

3. Leverage SEO Tools

Step 1 and 2 doesn’t require much, besides a little brainstorming, but now that you have a somewhat long list of keywords, it’s time to assess their viability online. Tools such as Answer The Public and SEMrush will give you valuable insights into your keywords such as how many times it is searched per month and if they are heavily used by your competition. These tools allow you to search up to 3 keywords for free per day, and will help you narrow down what are viable keywords to use for your business. In the end, you want to have 5 to 8 SEO keywords you know will be solid to make you appear in local search results.

4. Incorporate keywords strategically

With your refined keyword list in hand, it’s time to strategically incorporate these keywords into your online presence. This includes your website, Google Business Profile, website, and social media. Yes, social media platforms like Instagram are putting aside hashtags and favouring keywords within captions and images to make your content stand out. The more you use the same keyword set across your posts, stories, and reels, the more likely it will be pushed to the explore page and in front of the locals searching for beauty services. So make sure to utilise your local SEO keyword list across all of your digital presence.

5. Monitor and Adapt

Local SEO is an ongoing process. It’s essential to monitor your rankings and traffic regularly, at least once a quarter. Google Analytics can help you track your performance and identify areas for improvement. As trends change and your business tweaks its services, don’t be afraid to adapt your keywords accordingly. By following these steps, you can create a tailored local SEO strategy that positions your beauty salon or skin clinic as a top choice in your area. Your online presence will not only attract more local clients but also reflect the unique expertise your business offers. So, go ahead, and let your beauty business shine in the digital world!

Tech Tool: Answer The Public

“Answer The Public” is a powerful online tool that transforms your keyword research into a breeze. With a single research, this tool reveals the exact questions and keywords customers in your area are asking online. Simply enter a generic keyword such as “facial treatment” and the tool will collect a vast array of questions, queries, and search terms that real people have used in their online searches related to your input. 

The questions and queries you find can be transformed into keywords by using the appropriate phrasing. For example, if you see a question like “How to find the best beauty salon near me?” you can extract the keywords “best hair salon near me.” Answer The Public is an invaluable tool for beauty business owners who struggle to come up with keywords on their own. It takes the guesswork out of local SEO research and provides you with data-backed keyword ideas that resonate with your local community. 

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