Beauty Businesses: This is how you start selling products on your website

Sep 22, 2022 | Business Management

beauty products without labels displayed to be sold on ecommerce shop

Is it finally time for your business to start selling products online? If you just stumbled onto this blog, chances are the idea of launching a beauty Ecommerce store has grown so strong in your mind you thought “it’s time I figure out how to do it.” 

After all, selling products online is a great way to increase your salon’s revenue. 

Some clients like the ease of ordering their favourite beauty regimen online and get it delivered to their door because let’s be honest, popping into the salon just to refill your cabinet is another to-do most don’t have time for. There was also the boom of tailored at-home treatments ordered during covid that helped businesses like yours stay afloat.

We heard that a few hair salons mixed colour kits for each of their clients, and provided instructions on how to apply it at home.

As a beauty salon, your product curation and tailored-regimen provides a unique point of sale to your clients. An Ecommerce shop helps you elevate this offering – and your revenue – conveniently. 

However, an Ecommerce shop can sometimes feel like a second business. You have to think about packaging, postage costs, and more. Thankfully, there are plenty of great resources in Australia to help you make that process easier – and we’ve rounded them up here for you.


Setting up an Ecommerce shop

WordPress Woocommerce

With your beauty salon setup on a WordPress website, the Woocommerce plugin is the best way to set up a shop page seamlessly. Woocommerce is highly customisable to meet your brand needs, connect to several payment getaways, and offer your clients a secured shopping experience. We can help you set it up!


Prop the product

Part of selling shampoos, creams, or a tailored regimen is to ensure your products are visually appealing. With Prop The Product, you can get on trends set-up prop to display everything in a unique and attractive way. From arch stands to wavy prop sets, put your ecommerce on the pedestal it deserves.

Prop the product


A little marketing goes a long way when opening your Ecommerce shop – and Convertkit is the no-fuss platform to help you achieve your launch goals. In a few clicks, you can create a beautiful sale page to run a beauty quiz, gather client’s details, or anything else you might need to recommend a tailored regimen people can buy in a few clicks. 


Packaging your products

Hero Packaging

Hero packaging is an eco-friendly shop that provides compostable packaging bags in a wide variety of colours. Bulk packs range from Extra Small to XX Large, and a pack of 25 bags start at $6.25. Padded options are also available, and overall, it is an affordable – and earth-friendly – way to pack your orders. 

Hero Packaging


From tissue paper to recycled cards, Noissue allows you to brand all your packaging easily and sustainably. There’s stickers, labels, tapes, canva bags, and cardboard boxes. Anything you can dream of, really to package your orders beautifully. 


Crinkle Pack

For the perfectly coloured crinkle paper, this Melbourne business is here for you. With names like Peach and Vanilla, these eco-friendly papers are the cutest support for your beauty products. You can grab a crinkle paper bag of 500g for $4.95 and up to 5kg for $60. 

Crinkle Pack

Marketing Tape

Ditch the boring tape to close your packaging and increase your social media engagement with Marketing Tape. This aussie business is designed to “get your customer to STOP, grab their camera, and share their unboxing or order on social media so that YOU can get more brand visibility and content to use yourself.” Filled with beautiful colours and design, this is one addition your packaging desperately needs. 

Marketing tape

Shipping your orders

Dymo Printer

Save yourself time and money by getting a Dymo Printer. This compact device allows you to print shipping labels seamlessly, no matter if you’re sending your orders through Auspost, UPS, or FedEX.

Dymo Label Printer 4XL

Australia Post

Australia Post created a My Post Business system that makes it incredibly easy to import, process, and track your orders. That said, you probably know how expensive shipping costs can be across Australia, and depending on the quantity – and weight – or your orders,  it may not always be the best system. But don’t dismiss it before finding out if it is right for you.

Auspost My Post Business

Sendle postage service

An alternative to Auspost is Sendle. For $6.50 for a domestic premium package per month, Sendle provides you with pick up, signature on delivery, and tracking for a minimum of 20 orders per month. Perfect if you need a hassle free way to get your orders shipped. 


Looking to set up an Ecommerce shop? We can help!

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