5 Reasons Why your Beauty Salon Should Have a Blog in 2023

Dec 7, 2022 | Website Tips

beauty salon business owner on laptop starting a blog

Is it relevant and necessary for beauty salons to start a blog? After all, no one really reads blogs anymore right? Well, not quite. Recent reports revealed that around 77% of people still read blogs and as it turns out, there is a lot of value for businesses – including beauty and wellness salons – to maintain one. 

But blogging in 2023 is very different from 2008. For starters, people are likely to skim-read a blog on their phone. This means that not only a blog should be easy to read, but also formatted in a way that can be consumed on any device. Then, there’s the topic of over-saturation, SEO, and you know, time spent trying to figure it all out. 

Yet despite it all, starting a blog is almost essential if you’re going to invest in a new website. Why? 

because a blog will help maintain your website’s credibility online.

Credibility = visibility = conversion. Here’s how it works:

1. A blog boosts your website Google ranking

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a blog is your Google ranking. When launching a new website, your ranking is likely to be poor because your site hasn’t had a long lifespan online – aka search engines are still categorising it. Alternatively, an old website can also rank poorly due to the lack of care and maintenance it has received so far.

But what exactly is a Google ranking you ask? Well, when your ideal customer searches online for “beauty salon near me” your Google ranking determines whether or not your website should show up on the first 2 pages of a customer’s search. A poor ranking means your website would likely end up on page 20 and beyond (where no one ever clicks). Starting a weekly or bi-monthly blog can help improve your Google ranking – usually within 6 months. 

2. A blog is the best way to rank for SEO

The way a blog boosts your Google ranking is through SEO. While your website should have plenty of curated SEO keywords within its copy and meta descriptions, starting a blog offers you the opportunity to fill it with more keywords related to your industry. With every new blog, you give search engines like Google a new set of keywords they can tap into to categorise your website and position you in front of the right audience.

To find keywords in your niche, you can use free tools like Google Trends and Answer the public. A quick look at Instagram hashtags is also a good place to narrow down words customers write in the search tab to find businesses like yours. Overall, publishing regular blogs that include thoughtful SEO keywords can strengthen your Google ranking and more.

3. A blog help enhance your expertise & credibility

Beside better positioning your business online, a blog can also help enhance your expertise and credibility in front of customers. By using your blog to showcase case studies, share tips and tricks, or answer in more detail your FAQs, you get to provide valuable insights.

Let’s be honest, a customer is more likely to book a hair appointment with you when they’ve been reassured you can deliver a beautiful balayage (with a case study) and know your way around blonde maintenance (with tips on maintaining a brass-free shade). In short, a blog can increase customer conversion and revenue.

4. A blog saves you time on content marketing

Are you pulling your hair every month trying to come up with content ideas for Instagram, TikTok, your newsletter and beyond? Well, a blog is the ultimate content tool to help you work smarter not harder with your marketing. 

When you take the time to craft one rich and valuable blog post, you can break down its content into smaller chunks for your social media accounts. Every customer consumes content differently and since your business isn’t Taylor Swift, it is unlikely they will follow you on all social platforms. If you’re going to spend time and money on a blog, you (and your customers) will get more value out of it by recycling its content.

5. A blog can be outsourced

Convinced to start a blog but still scrambling for time? Why not outsource it? The truth is that there are plenty of amazing freelance writers out there – with the skills, expertise, and SEO-knowledge – ready to write high-value blog posts for you. 

At Digital Health Co copywriter (Hi, I’m Laura 🙂 ) I work closely with Marnina to brainstorm, write, and recycle the content you read here and on socials. With every blog, we aim to reduce some of the struggles beauty business owners face online. By providing industry-centric info and tips (with a witty tone of voice we have to say) we consciously position ourselves in front of you!

If you’ve loved the content we’ve shared with you all year long, you’ll be happy to know that as of 2023, you can outsource your blog with us.

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